Terms of Use (General Purpose)

    This Terms of Use governs the use and access of Whirlpool Corporation's information systems including without limitation any third party service (such as Google, Concur and Ivalua), hardware, software, data, network, and telecommunication ("Systems").

    These Systems are only for the Permitted Use by users authorized by Whirlpool ("Authorized Users"). By using these Systems an Authorized User expressly understands and agrees that: (i) Whirlpool may monitor and/or record the use of these Systems; (ii) any record or other evidence of potentially illegal activity may be provided to legal authorities; (iii) the data may be replicated on other computer systems located in the USA and in other countries on which the Systems are operated; and (iv) there is no expectation of personal privacy.

    Permitted Use is use that: (i) complies with all of Whirlpool's policies, including those relating to security, confidentiality, intellectual property and privacy; (ii) complies with applicable laws, regulations, agreement and contracts; (iii) is intended for the benefit of Whirlpool; (iv) Whirlpool expressly grants to the Authorized User, and (v) is not detrimental to the operation of the Systems.

    There may be additional terms of use, privacy notices, confidentiality notices and other terms applicable to the use of specific parts of the System. Determination of whether such use is a Permitted Use or not is at the sole discretion of Whirlpool, limited only to the degree restricted by applicable laws or regulations. These terms of use may be modified from time to time by Whirlpool without prior notice.