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2/14/2013 - Jennair Sustainable Kitchen images added to the site. Enter "Sustainable Kitchen" in the keyword field.

Digital Library Tips and Tricks

Send E-mail link

This link will allow the sending of a link to the high resolution image to a user directly without downloading the image and attaching it to an e-mail. This linking process is supported by Outlook and Ipad e-mail clients.

Internet Explorer 8 Fix

If the web browser displays in the format displayed on the left, follow these instructions:

  1. Press F12
  2. A window called Developer Tools will appear. See image below for ane example of the window.
  3. Select Document Mode:IE7 Mode
  4. Select Internet Explorer 8 Standards
  5. Close the Window

  6. The IE8 Standards will fix the field formatting and place the landing image to the right of the filters.

    Developer Tools Window


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